Board of Directors

NWONA board members and officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer)  have a one year term. Board members are elected at the Fall Bi-Annual Meeting and officers are elected at the subsequent board meeting.

Co-Administrators – Leslie Wolff
Co-Administrators – Lauren Thompson
Secretary – John Cox
Treasurer – Judy Bardin
At Large Board Members:
Scott Bishop
Kendra Sawyer
Ingrid Gulden

President: The president will provide leadership to promote the goals and objectives of the Association and draft agendas for the Board and membership meetings. The President shall be the official representative of the Association, unless otherwise designated by the Board. 

Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice‐President will perform the Presidential duties and help promote the goals and objectives of the Association. The Vice‐President shall coordinate the Association’s Committees. 

Secretary: The Secretary will keep the minutes of the Board and membership meetings, keep a member list and member records, and when requested by the President, sign and execute with the President all deeds, bonds, contracts, and other obligations or instruments, in the name of the Association.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and the investments of the Association. The Treasurer will keep books of account, deposit all funds and other valuables in the name of the Association as designated by the Board, disburse funds as designated by the Board, and provide a financial report to the Board at each Board meeting​

Membership Chair: The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining a current roster of association members.  This position works in collaboration with the treasurer to keep a member list and member records, track new members, track dues and remind members of their dues. S/he will also remind members of the benefits of membership.