About Us

NWONA is a City of Olympia recognized neighborhood association for the Northwest Olympia Neighborhood. NWONA is bounded by the West shore of Budd Inlet, the North side of Harrison Avenue, the East side of Division Street. The Northern Boundary is Elliot Ave NW/20th excluding the properties on the South side of Elliot Ave, east to Crestline and follows Crestline to Raft and down Schneider Hill to West Bay Drive. The homes on Harbor View Drive and Swallow Lane are also within NWONA NA. The true northern boundary of NWONA is Schneider Creek from Division Street east to its outfall at West Bay Drive.  We are a group of neighbors working to make the Northwest Neighborhood of Olympia, Washington a better place to live. NWONA’s mission is to enhance the livability of our community through citizen participation at all levels of our community. We strive to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate. We advocate for the concerns of the neighborhood with local government and organize neighborhood events. NWONA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. NWONA bylaws detail how the association is run.

What Does the Northwest Olympia Neighborhood Association Do?

  • Encourage residents of the neighborhood to work together to improve, maintain, and protect a quality neighborhood
  • Preserve the neighborhood’s character
  • Preserve open space in the neighborhood
  • Provide safe pedestrian, bicycle and auto traffic for residents of the neighborhood
  • Maintain efforts to keep our neighborhood safe for children and free of crime
  • Support diverse cultural activities and a vital business community in Olympia
  • Support adjacent neighborhood associations

Ongoing Activities:

  • Hold monthly board meetings on the last Monday of each month
  • Hold bi-annual general membership meetings
  • Host neighborhood-wide meetings to address important neighborhood issues
  • Host annual Fun Fest at the Garfield ball field
  • Support local nonprofit organizations and businesses in the neighborhood
  • Respond to notifications from the city about planned developments
  • Work with the city on traffic, zoning, development, parking and other issues
  • Help maintain the appearance of the neighborhood by encouraging enforcement of city code, and by organizing cleanups as necessary through the Neighborly Assistance Program
  • Meet and coordinate with other neighborhood associations in the city and county

Past Accomplishments:

  • Established a “pocket park” at Madison and Thomas which we named NW Volunteer Park
  • Developed the Woodard Pathway from Woodard Avenue to West Bay Drive
  • Helped to protect the www.olyecosystems.org/ Westside Heronry at Dickinson Ave NW
  • Advocated with our SWONA neighbors for crosswalks at Harrison Ave NW
  • Keep neighbors informed of current issues through presentations by city officials and others

How Can I Get Involved? There are many ways to be involved with the neighborhood!

Non-Discrimination Statement
Our NorthWest Olympia Neighborhood Association does not discriminate against any neighbor, Neighborhood Association Board member or volunteer on the grounds of protected class status.  This includes, but is not limited to the federal protected classes of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 and older), disability,  marital/familial status, veteran, or genetic information, in addition to the Washington state protected classes of sexual orientation, gender identity, sex (including maternity), use of a guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability, HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C Status, or other status as protected by law.